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December 12, 2009, 6:21 am
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My name is Max Goodman (short for Margaret, if anyone asks).  I was born just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1984.  I grew up in Philadelphia, and attended local public schools, eventually finding my way to the Tyler School of Art of Temple University.  I originally intended to study painting and art education, but was placed at random into a jewelry elective as a freshman.  Always a multi-tasker, I managed a double major BFA fulfilling all requisite course work for both a jewelry and a painting major.   In addition, I managed to study in Rome for a year and earn my k-12 Art Education Certification.  Upon graduation from Tyler, Suma Cum Laude in 2007, I returned to Europe living in Normandy, Paris, Lyon and eventually settling in Lazio and then Tuscany, Italy to pursue my other passions – traveling, riding and training horses.  Upon my return to the US in 2008 I spent some time reinventing my jewelry style, creating production work and picking up commissions here and there.  In January 2009 I relocated to Brooklyn, NY to see what I could see.  I currently reside in Brooklyn, make work for my emerging Moxy Metals brand, teach many jewelry and jewelry related classes at the 3rd Ward Studio and volunteer at Riverdale Equestrian Center.  I hope to grow my jewelry business in the coming months, and perhaps to start a children’s program at 3rd Ward, to make use of my education degree and create a community resource I feel is lacking.  I am always open to new projects, new conversations and constructive criticism; feel free to contact me any time, and let me know your thoughts!


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Hi! I found you on Facebook, Jewelery Making Club. I am looking forward to your on line classes. I have been wanting to learn metal smithing for some time. I play around with wire. Wraping and chrocheting wire. I am wanting to expand and I love working with clay. I’ve been playing with clay off and on since I was in school as a girl. Many many moons ago. There isn’t a lot here in Nevada. If you can guide me on how to start what I would need the basics to start with on a low budget. Also I’m not sure about the taxes or even where to go. I would like to get a bussiness licsens. Not too sure how that will effect my family with taxes and all. Thank you for your time. Tyleen.

Comment by Tyleen Haley-Baca

Hey Tyleen,

How exciting that you’re ready to venture further into the world of metal smithing! We just finished filming the first online class today, and I’m excited to let you know that in an upcoming edition we’re going to investigate a material that might really interest you – precious metal clay. PMC, as it’s called, is a clay body with metal dust in it, so you work with it like clay, then fire it in a kiln. The metal dust fuses or sinters in the kiln, and you’re left with a fully finished metal object! In the meanwhile feel free to email me with questions about your jewelry making, and I hope you enjoy the first class, which includes pearl knotting, wire wrapping, chain making and photo-etching!

Thanks again for the comment –


Comment by moxymetals

very interested in beading, right angle weave. Brick stitch. And others. If you know of any way i can learn these stitches i would appreciate it very much if you emailed or called me on#0400604144 look forward to hearing from you. Kind wishes. Mel.

Comment by Melinda

Hey Melinda, Unfortunately I’m not a great source on beading, as I’m more of a metalsmith. There are, however, online groups, you might check this website for a few tutorials: I know also that some jewelry suppliers like and Michael’s offer classes. You might want to check their sites to see if they cover the beading patterns you’re interested in. Good luck!

– Max

Comment by moxymetals

Hi Max,

I really want to take your Casting/Plastic Class at 3rd Ward but i went to register last night and it’s full. I’m on the waiting list. Do you know when you are giving another class and can you recommend another studio that teaches a similar class.

Thanks In Advance,


Comment by Charlene Dixon

Hi Charlene,

My classes that are one or two day workshops run about once every one to three months. Probably the next plastics class will run sometime around June. I don’t know of any other studios in the area offering a similar workshop, though you could call the Compleat Sculptor, which offers a number of mould making workshops. In addition we offer private lessons at 3rd Ward if time is tight, and I have several students that come in for private plastics instruction. Thanks for your interest and good luck!

– Max

Comment by moxymetals

Hi Max,

You have some really amazing pieces here. As someone who has no artistic skill whatsoever, even I can tell how much time and effort must have gone into each detail. Congrats on winning the NYC student jewelry design challenge on shopbevel – I love the earrings!


Comment by Caroline

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