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Enameled “Ms. Tiff” Pendants
January 5, 2010, 12:30 am
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This fall, our morgan mare Ms. Tiffany died at age 27.  Tiffany had an unfortunate condition common to her breed called cushings, which is a body regulatory disorder that operates sort of like diabetes – in this case it effects the metabolism, temperature regulation and coat growth.  Tiffany has been an important part of my life for some time, so I made 3 enameled pendants as Christmas gifts for the people that were closest to her.  I wanted each pendant to be the same image, but with a different effect that I figured would suit each wearer’s taste.  Each pendant is a 2″ copper disc, which has been etched with an image of Tiffany in profile.  I also etched  a smaller circle around the outside of each disc.  Then, when it came time to enamel, I applied an opaque black enamel to the backs as counter-enamel, and wet packed black enamel into the etched image.  Then I covered the entire face with a transparent enamel, and traced around the image with either a second coating of transparent enamel or an opaque color.  For the green pendant it was transparent in the middle, with a little blue around the outside, the purple is simply a second coating of transparent violet (though it came out more maroon than I had hoped) and the blue is two coats of transparent cobalt.  I wanted to partially obscure the image, but make sure it was still clearly a horse.  In this way it would appear ethereal and ghost like.  I think they do her justice, and the recipients of the gifts really appreciated them.


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