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Double Bird Pendant
April 12, 2010, 8:13 pm
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This pendant ended up a little two subtle.  It is supposed to feature two birds facing away from one another, with an abstracted tree behind.  The piece was enameled several times , with the hope of achieving a raven/iridescent black effect.  Unfortunately, the more times it was enameled the more details were lost – line work in the feathers, and hammer markings for eyes and wing details.  I’m ok with the piece as an abstraction, but would have preferred it to be more literal.  Also lost in the multiple enamel firings were three holes at the top to create a place where the pendant can hang.  I’ll have to epoxy on a jump ring, or re-fire one onto the back side.  I think I’m done firing for now.  Below is the art nouveau wallpaper that inspired the piece in the first place.   Expect more art nouveau inspired work this spring.


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I need to post a side view of this piece, you can’t see the dimension in it in this shot.

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