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Trial and Error Cuff Bracelet
September 13, 2010, 4:18 pm
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Oh, the yellow balance on this camera is way off…this thing is not actually these colors.  This is a simple bronze cuff bracelet I made over the past week.  I really like that green netting stuff that comes on fruits and vegetables, I’ve seen a few artists using it in installations, and I wanted to give including it in jewelry a try…boy was that more effort than I intended!  As any good jeweler knows, you can attach most anything to metal with cold joining, so this cuff bracelet sandwiches the alternative material between two pieces of sheet bronze using rivets.   I oxidized the metal under the netting a cloudy black using liver of sulfur, polished the demi-circular disks and hammered the sides of the bracelet to include a variety of finishes.  Still, I’d like to see a more dynamic form than just these curved wires for the netting to stretch over, so I think I’ll push this idea a good bit further when I build it a matching ring or earrings.  As it stands, though, I’m happy with the first attempt.


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