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Shark Teeth Necklace

So a member of my family recently visited Florida, and delivered me many a fossilized shark tooth!  She asked for one necklace in return, so, after trying as I might to stretch the shark teeth’s jewelry potential – too brittle for hole drilling, can’t withstand heat for casting or PMC, I had to resort to classic sterling wire wrapping.  I think the necklace remains elegant, and I like the contrast the pearls give it.  The bronze spacer component is designed for holding 5 strand pearl necklaces apart, but I like that it really gives the teeth the distance they need.  The total length of the necklace is about 16″, and includes sterling chain and a sterling lobster clasp.  You can get the same style necklace at my Esty, though no two are identical do to the individuality of the fossilized shark teeth.  Here’s another image of the necklace not on a model:


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Very cool!!

Comment by Judy

Very lovely. I really like the idea of these ferocious teeth being so fragile, and in the shape of hearts.

Comment by Annelizabeth

this is beautiful, i would love to have one just like this 🙂

Comment by Kristen

I absolutely love this necklace. I’m curious what you charged for it and if you were going to be making any others?

Comment by Allisha Swindell

Hi, I charged $65, unfortunately one of the components – the brass bar – is no longer available, so I’m not planning on making any more exactly like this one at this time. But…you can always email me about custom orders – moxymetals at gmail dot com.

Comment by moxymetals

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