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Brian’s Super Chunk Ring
April 5, 2011, 5:55 pm
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I just finally made a ring that my boyfriend will actually wear!  This faceted, rough-hewn, cast ring is a nice balance between masculine and flashy.  It also matches one of his other rings in color, so he feels comfortable wearing it daily.  This ring is in silicon bronze, which give it a warmer feel than brass or manganese (yellow) bronze.  Silicon bronze also works better for pour casting operations, which is the way we cast at 3rd Ward, with the help of a vacuum.  I’m going to mould this ring, so I could make one for you and yours, if you like!  Check out a few more shots:


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I love this ring! I love how it’s a bit rock n’ roll but nicely finished. I would be interested in know if you have any more like this for sale. thanks!

Comment by Nadia Koski

Hey Nadia, This baby’s a one of a kind! But, the good thing is, since it belongs to the boyfriend I could make a mould of it to duplicate it. Depending on the material the price for a duplicate would range from $65 (for something like bronze, shown here, copper, etc.) up to $100 or so depending on the current price of silver. Let me know if you’d like to talk further.

Comment by moxymetals

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