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An Oldie but Goodie!
March 15, 2011, 8:55 pm
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I dug out these cast pistachio shell earrings for my shoot last week.  I forgot how much I like them, and was glad to have this nice image taken by Joe Baran (  These were cast, then soldered to custom earwire.  They hang about 2″ down from the ear.  The entire piece is sterling silver.  I love the texture on them, and really ought to polish them back up again.


Student Work: Production Epoxy Pendant
April 12, 2010, 7:58 pm
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I still like this little resin pendant I made during my junior year of art school.  It has 12 matching counterparts because it was built for a Production Jewelry class – meaning it should be mass or at least batch manufactured.  It includes a piece of chemically milled sterling silver that is supposed to bring to mind the magnification of leaf veins under a dome of a droplet of water.  The entire piece is very lightweight.  Sad to say, it’s original cord of silicon rubber with a magnetic clasp has since gone missing, this leather one fills in just fine.  Also, due to air trapped in the epoxy resin, there is some tarnishing happening to the silver, but I think it kind of works with this piece.  I had really bad photos of this piece til now – when I have a fairly bad but acceptable photo.  The piece is about 2″ long by 1″ wide by 1/4″ deep with hollowed back.

Interchangeable Wings Brooch
December 6, 2009, 5:36 am
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This is a hollow form brooch with two steel pin stems which share a catch on the back of the piece.  The pin stems are the antennae.  The silver piece, visible as a head, and just barely a tail in this image, has a key hole cut out, and is actually a 1/4″ hollow form.  The black beetle back has a key that locks into the key hole.  This beetle back is interchangeable with with three other pairs of wings: butterfly, moth and lady bug.  This backing is the cleanest and simplest, and therefore my favorite, but the piece was built as an assignment to create a jewelry object with interchangeable parts, so you might have some understanding of how it works.  All in all the piece is about 2.5″ long by 1.5″ wide, but because it is hollow form it is not heavy.  Materials used include steel, silicon rubber (for the pin catch), sterling silver and copper.

December 6, 2009, 5:17 am
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This pressure fit brooch snaps into place.  Three delrin (white, hard, carving plastic) pieces each with a track sit under the fabric of the wearer’s shirt, and the silver and bronze brooch stretches the fabric over the brooch and snaps into the track.  This piece is designed to be worn across the shoulders, near the nape of the neck,  and is approximately 8″ long by 5″ wide with a 2.5″ height away from the body.  It can be worn with all three delrin pieces or just one.  This piece was designed to illustrate the concept of feelings or ideas one tries to hide, which instead become pressure and weight, and eventually show themselves whether we want them to or not.  Materials used include silver, bronze and delrin.

Faucet Salt and Pepper Shaker
December 6, 2009, 4:46 am
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This fully functional and food safe prototype is a salt and pepper shaker in one, inspired by a faucet.  Inside the main pipe are two small acrylic tubes, one for salt and one for pepper.  The tubes are attached via metal rod to the faucet valve on the top of the piece, which is labeled S for salt in one direction and P for pepper in the other.  The bottom of the internal acrylic tubes rests on an acrylic stopper, the bottom/handle of which is the form of the droplet coming out of the faucet.  This stopper has a silicon jump ring and is pressure fit.  It includes holes placed so that when the user turns towards S or P the appropriate tube sits over the holes and dispenses the spice.  There is a small dish for catching the salt and pepper, and then distributing it onto food, though most plates and bowls could fit underneath.  The piece is approximately 8.5″ tall x 4″ wide x 5″ deep.  Materials used include chrome plated copper and bronze, epoxy, acrylic and silicon.  This piece has also been etched with the S and P details, arrows and the bubble pattern you see on the back of the faucet and in the small dish.

Found Stem Linkage
December 6, 2009, 4:29 am
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This linkage was created from an experimental cast of many found oak leaf stems.  Three stems were joined to a casting wax ball and then moulds were created.  After the cast, which was patchy in places due to the thinness of the material, links were closed by soldering three stems together around the proceeding ball.  One link was left open, and acts as the clasp through a tension fit.  Following the polishing and finishing of the linkage I decided to set small freshwater pearls into the end of each leaf stem.  I especially liked the incomplete cast stems, through which the tops of the pearls were visible to the observant wearer.  Otherwise, the pearls are very subtle in the white, fine-silver patina, and could be overlooked.  I like that this linkage has secrets.

Caterpillar Bracelet
December 6, 2009, 4:22 am
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This is the bracelet version of my caterpillar linkage, which includes a unique head and tail and several interchangeable repeating body links.  Each type of link was fabricated first in sheet metal, tube and wire, then moulded for easy replication.  The final object is sterling silver, colored with epoxy, and includes set artificial hair.  The links attach to a removable oxidized copper band and move to form-fit the wearer’s wrist.